The Way I See It

Letters helped?



A phone call received from Diana Ellis last Friday was a relief to not only me but to many people in our community.

Diana is the sister to Mark Stephenson one of Atascosa County’s deputies who was killed in an ambush in 2012. Another deputy Thomas Monse and DPS Trooper Terry Miller were also killed that night.

You could feel and hear the emotion in her news – a mixture of relief mixed in with that familiar sadness of reliving the loss of her brother.

A huge letter campaign was launched last year when it was made known that the accomplice to the crime, Kenneth Vodochodsky, could be up for parole.

As it was, the board felt that due to the nature of the offense, parole would not be granted.

The way I see it, we will never know if the letters matter in the parole board’s decision. But, I’m sure they didn’t hurt the decision.

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