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I n a few weeks, we will all be able to taste the most delicious strawberries around and we don’t have to wait for Strawberry Festival to do it!

I spoke with Strawberry Festival’s Anna Skurka last week. She wanted to get the word out about the Farmer’s Market that will be held Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Strawberry Festival grounds.

This is specifically for the locals in our area to have the opportunity to buy fresh strawberries before the 100,000 visitors make their way to Poteet for their annual celebration in April.

There will also be fresh vegetables and strawberry preserves and pastries.

We are lucky to have these producers in our area – and who also supply to our local H-E-B (Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream to name just one…yum).

The other evening we ate at a restaurant in San Antonio – Stella’s at the Blue Star complex in Southtown.

Perusing their menu I saw that they listed the local fare made available. I got to point out to my date that the Heirloom Tomatoes were from Oakhills Farms in Poteet, the onions were from Eugene Martinez in Pleasanton and the grape tomatoes were from Fairfield (not from around here, but where my grandmother lived for many years.) The way I see it, get up early and head over to Poteet to buy the sweetest berries and freshest produce. It is free to get in and free to park! Enjoy!

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