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Good luck to the stockshow kids



There is a reason I never showed animals in the Atascosa County Junior Livestock Show while growing up. My mother knew that she would be feeding them into their golden years.

She knew these projects would not be able to be sold to the market.

She also never told me where my brothers steers and hogs went either. Over the years of hanging out either at the auction or around parents who have children involved as well as the faint memories I have of helping with my brothers’ animals – I have determined that these youth do not get enough recognition (nor their parents).

I applaud these families for their dedication. These projects teach the children responsibility, how to budget (time and money) and gratitude. Many do not get the “big” bucks from the bidders and that is not the whole reason they do this. But when the blue ribbons and big bids do come their way, it only helps their plans for college or other higher learning institutions.

So, during the cold and rainy weather, coming home from school (and sometimes sporting events) there are still animals to be fed, exercised and groomed. The way I see it, try to support these kids either through sponsorships, bidding on their animals or joining the many consortiums by donating funds. These groups help your dollars go a bit further and make a difference on these hard working youth’s pocketbooks and/or savings accounts.

Good Luck, exhibitors!

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