The Way I See It

I can’t break up, not yet

Sue Brown

Sue Brown

One of my newspaper colleagues/ friends posted her upcoming breakup via Facebook. It was her weekly editorial.

Me, knowing her and her husband, was aghast! I had just seen them a few weeks before and they seemed fine! What had happened?

Then I read the column.

She was breaking up with Facebook.

Cleverly done and entertaining to read. (Here’s the link in case you are interested. article_ 619b2dfa-5b99- 11e4-8e8e-635fb738c899. html#.VEsWquF-UEA. facebook)

It did get me to thinking about social media. It has become a way of life for many of us – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – to name a few – fill our hours which in turn take up days, weeks and I would assume years if you add it all up.

While I don’t think that I’m addicted to it or that it consumes my whole free time, I do admit that I would probably benefit for limiting it.

Mind you, I’m not a food poster (well, unless it is a phenomenal meal or weird or fun food type item, I won’t be posting it!) noramIachronological poster. “Today I am going to …” or “I’m sleepy …hungry … happy”. I really don’t see the point.

And, I really try to avoid the passive aggressive postings. Those, to me, are the most annoying.

I try to keep it light, fun and positive.

Drama, rants, threats, unwanted and negative posts are an instant turnoff and a sure-fire way of getting a “friend” blocked.

The way I see it, maybe I will give it up one day, but right now I still “need” Facebook. Maybe that is too strong of a word – I still “want” it. SUE BROWN is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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