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Heatstroke 101



A s summer is winding down and kids are heading back to school or college, we shouldn’t have to contend with 100+ temps. But, we are in South Texas and it IS August so hot it is.

Coming off of being in the heat for the whole day last Saturday at the Pleasanton Young Farmers shin dig, I got hot….like overheated.

Getting home and trying to cool off – slowly – I started to feel a bit better. A quick dip in some friends’ pool helped too. Until the cramps started -ice pick on the top of my foot type cramps.

I believe I had a mild case of heat exhaustion or almost heatstroke. Looking on the internet to see the signs – it is most likely that I was most definitely overheated. These are the top 10 signs:

1. Incredibly Hot Skin


2. Dizziness and


(Dizzy, yes. Fainting…no)

3. Extreme Fatigue (I was tired)

4. Nausea (Yes, a bit)

5. Vomiting (Thankfully, no) 6. Rapid Heartbeat (Not so sure)

7. Mental Confusion (And the point of reference would be????)

8. Seizures (Again, thankfully, no)

9. Lack of Sweating


10. Severe Headache

(Later that evening)

The way I see it, while the site says if you experience ANY of the above symptoms to take precaution… try to avoid the heat in the first place – if not… hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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