The Way I See It

Yikes, will it be here for us?



A s I read the article next to mine, I couldn’t help but think about when my dad would say “I won’t live to see Social Security” at any given chance.

He didn’t know he would be leaving this world at 60 years of age, though. I’m sure he felt he would live to a ripe old age like his grandfather, which was 103.

He thought that the service would be depleted before he could enjoy it. Sadly, he was right, but in a different way.

This year I will turn the magical age of being closer to 60 than I am to 50. Two co-workers, Robbie Hamby and Lisa Luna, have just turned 40 over the past two weeks. I tried to make them feel better.

I do believe that 40 is the new 30.

I loved turning 40. Even

50 wasn’t so bad. But as

I approach 56 and getting closer to 60 and then

Social Security age – I do hope that it is around for me and my contemporaries to enjoy.

The way I see it, I promise to have a more positive attitude and faith in our government than my dear dad.

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