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Christmas photos



I was going through old Christmas photos to post on our online edition. We are supposed to find our favorite Christmas photo to share with everyone.

What I found were tons of memories and that it is hard to define favorite.

There are photos before I had children and we still went to my Nana’s house on Christmas Eve. Looking them, most of these family members have now passed away. I am immediately taken back to eating tamales and cheese dip and sipping on egg nog. After the gift exchange we all would bring a White Elephant gift. I always looked forward to it because there were always “special” ones for a few of my relatives. There was a photo of me on my first new bicycle. It was purple with a banana seat, high handlebars with streamers and my beagle Pooh Pooh.

There was one of the grandchildren at my mom’s. In order of age they were all sitting on the couch. Another photo that same year was all of the presents under my mom’s tree. I recall her saying “this is nauseating… look at all of this!”

Another photo is one of my mom with my kids. She would come over on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them. Daryl and Ali are in their Christmas pajamas and my mom looking and smiling at them. While there may be funnier photos or better posed photos, I think this one is my favorite.

Be sure and post your favorite photo to our website. You can upload it by visiting They can be submitted until Christmas Day. The winners will be announced on December 28th.

The way I see it, Even if you don’t submit a photo for our contest, look through your old albums. I had a good laugh and a cry looking through mine. If you can’t find your photos of Christmases past, then take some new ones!

That’s the way I see it, let me know your view – email me at, or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, Tx 78064.

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