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Celebrating the holidays



A s we prepare for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays amid decorations, wrapping paper and cooling racks filled with cookies, let us reflect on those who may not have a Merry Christmas.

The parents of the children in Newtown, Connecticut who were shot in cold blood will have a heart heavy holiday. Special thoughts and prayers are sent to them all.

There seems to have been so many deaths due to wrecks or health problems this year. Facing an event for the first time since their passing is very difficult. The heartache fades somewhat the following years, but, personally, I find myself getting very melancholy.

Trying to remember specific times with them or especially holiday memories helps me .

Each year when I decorate my Christmas trees I am reminded of so much. The paintby number ornaments that my whole family painted (even my dad) adorn my tree. I am transported back to the night sitting around the table jockeying for the different colored paints and having to read the small numbers to my dad. I can still see my mom pursing her lips while she was concentrating and my brother Kelly wanting to use the wrong color (just to irritate me). They are all gone now, but each year I embrace their memories. The way I see it, if this Christmas is a little less bright for you, concentrate on the positives, look forward to better times and celebrate.

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