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My plans changed last weekend and instead of being out of town, I was able to attend the reenactment of the Civil War Muster of Company E of the Texas Volunteer Cavalry32nd Regiment, Confederate States of America. This was sponsored by the Atascosa Historical Commission. As I drove into the parking area, I was assisted by the Pleasanton High School Jr. ROTC members. Good thing they were there, there were a lot of folks in attendance – I’d guess about 200?

There were familiar faces – members we respect in our community – in costume and bringing to life a piece of history that happened on the Atascosa River banks. Norman F. Porter, our local historian, narrated the morning’s event. Those participating were:Clyde Westbrook, John Eric Rutherford, Eric Morrell, Donald Keeling, Lester

Reichert, Myron Repka, Toby Hill, Clint

Powell, Ryan Tudyk, Randall Westbrook,

Barbara Westbrook, Camilla Mitchell, Kathy

Coronado, Joe L. Esparza, Elias Krueger, Gloria Uribe Jenks, Fred Garcia, Fred Garcia, Jr., Manuel Lee Garcia, Ricardo Castro, Sr., Ricard Castro, Jr., Ruben Castro, Ivan Quentero, Alex Hernandez, Durango, Alfredo Iglesisa, Gilberto Aguero, Daylon Maddox, Roger Hilburn, Matt Sikes, Wes Hindes and Karen Harris. There may have been a few more or a few less. – I’m going off the program and my memory!

From Indian attacks to young boys wanting to join up (much to their mothers’ chagrin) there was a little of everything. There was even some music to entertain everyone provided by Joe Wayne Vickers, Tommy Gillespie and Steve “Buck” Turner. At the end of the presentation, Taps was played by Pat Dornak.

The way I see it, what a treat to have such wonderful volunteers! After the event, while they were all receiving compliments, they admitted they had not rehearsed – even once! Again, a treat indeed!

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