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Resolving again



The New Year is upon us and with that so are the obligatory resolutions that are made and soon forgotten or ignored.

Each year I make a list. Sometimes I write it down and sometimes I make a mental note. Some of the items I want to change are made public in this column while some I may keep private. Why? Because when I choose to ignore or discontinue said resolution, the last thing I want is someone reminding me what I said I wanted to accomplish. Of the ones that I do complete, me knowing that I did it, is enough.

Last year I resolved to not set myself up for failure. I didn’t set a specific amount of weight I wanted to lose, but instead wanted to eat healthier. And while I slip up now and then, I have made better choices and guess what? Yep. I even lost some weight!

Over the next few weeks, we will feature people in our community and what they hope to accomplish for 2014. They are our leaders, our educators, our colleagues and friends.

My resolutions for this year? I’m going to repeat a few of mine from last year … avoid the ever present “Lose weight” and go for “Be healthier”. Hopefully doing the latter will lead to the former, again. I will add this year to get moving – if only walking a few extra steps each day. I also want to spend more time using my creative side. It would be great to actually use some of the artsy stuff I already have to create fun and funky things.

The way I see it, making a few, attainable resolutions is better than a huge list of ones that will be broken in weeks, right? My dad used to say that he would resolve to make no resolutions. Hmm … he broke that one immediately didn’t he?

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