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Lose proof your pet



Sure seems like a lot of pets have gone missing over the past few weeks. I guess I’m a bit more aware of it since we have advertisements in our paper searching for them and offering rewards.

One of the top clues various pet groups offer is to always have a collar on your pet with tags. These tags may be from your veterinarian or they may have your personal contact information on them.

I know. Easier said than done. You may be afraid that your pet may not be comfortable or that they may get tangled while you are away. But it is best to keep some type of i.d. on them. You can also have a microchip or a tattoo added to your pet’s skin.

Have a recent photo. And take it with your pet next to you or your hand to give a point of reference and to show the size of the animal

Another hint is to keep them on a leash (yes…there are laws/ordinances for this in many places). This keeps them from running after another animal (pet or wild) and if they get startled by oncoming traffic or noises they will be by your side.

Fireworks unsettles so many pets. Friends visiting with other pets and or children may also be stressors for your furry friend. Help them out by keeping them safe in a room. Also, check the outdoor fence for holes or “steps” to climb over.

Watch out if your pet (or one in your neighborhood) is in heat. I lost a whole set of curtains and a screen door many years ago when my Irish Setter wanted to find that special dog in our neighborhood. Believe me, they will do most ANYTHING to get there ASAP! Better yet, if you aren’t planning on breeding, either spay or neuter your pet.

The way I see it, these are pretty basic hints, and none of us ever think our animals will get away and tags/collars and leashes keep honest people honest. If thieves are out there stealing dogs – nothing will stop them. And if the folks who get these animals don’t look for microships or tatoos, then how will the pet ever find their way back?

That’s the way I see it, let me know your view – email me at, or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, Tx 78064.

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