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The new year is here and with that a new beginning. While 2011 was a decent year, I always have hope that the year ahead will be even better. At the top of my wish list is a healthy year…for all. Whether it is to eat better, exercise more, eradicate a vice etc., all it takes is doing it one day at a time.

Reading our Associate Publisher Noel Wilkerson Holmes’ blog, (pleasantonexpress. 28/Front_ Page/A_ New_ Years_ resolution_ in_ 21_ days.html) any new habit you wish to form (or break) takes 21 days. Three weeks. Three Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (well, you get the picture).

I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. Sometimes, though I really need to practice it more. That self-actualization stuff really seems to work. Even if you don’t achieve it to its full potential, the process does no harm, right?

Abraham Maslow, noted psychology professor, created the hierarchy of needs.

Basic needs must be achieved before you can move on to be self-actualized. Those are breathing, food, water and sleep. Pretty dang basic, huh?

Then we need to feel secure, safe…a roof over our head, warmth and a job. Still basic, eh?

The next level is trickier. We want to feel like we belong. The need for social bonding, acceptance and intimacy. I’ll translate this to more hugs, more time with friends and family.

Now comes the hard stuff. The need for respect and recognition from our circle of family, friends and colleagues. We want to matter. Makes sense to me.

According to Maslow, if these needs are met then you have reached self-actualization. The traits these people possess? They embrace facts and reality; they are spontaneous; they focus on problems outside themselves and they accept their shortcomings and accept others as they are.

The way I see it, while I’m not a huge resolution-making person, I do believe I’m on to something. It will surely take more than 21 days but I’m game.

That’s the way I see it, let me know your view – email me at, or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, Tx 78064.

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