The Way I See It

Just call me Dot!



My best friend Christa just celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. I was able to spend Sunday with her and her hubby hanging out at a flea market, watching the Spurs play and then burgers for dinner.

She has been my dear friend since 5th grade. That is 45 years of a solid friendship, folks! We have been through thick and thin together – marriages, divorces, raising kids and their weddings. We know we will still be friends in our old age.

A few years ago as we approached our 50s, she mentioned that we needed cool old lady names – Christa and Sue didn’t sound so good for 80-somethings she thought.

She picked the name of “Pepper”. She likes pepper … and she does have a spicy personality. I chose “Polly” since my first name is Paula. But when I told another friend of mine my cool old lady name, he said “Nope, you are a Dot.” And he pronounced it with a very gruff voice, and very staccato-like.

I had to agree. “Dot” sounded better, if not funnier. Besides, I know some very awesome ladies with the same name, so even better, right?

The way I see it, what is better than having a fun nickname for our older years? Being friends in those years to come. I find that I cherish those bonds – even if I’m not that old … yet!

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