The Way I See It

Don’t judge me



I love meat. But I particularly love barbequed meat. Chicken and ribs are my favorite with brisket and other meats coming in third and on.

Thankfully I got to judge my two favorite types at the Turnn Burn BBQ Cook-off this past weekend.

I also was one of the lucky five ladies who judged the Margarita Pour-off. Hey, if somebody had to do it, it may as well have been me.

You’d think taking several bites of the smoky, delectable bits of heaven wouldn’t fill you up.

You’d be wrong.

I have learned to take small cuttings from the aforementioned meats. Mainly, I don’t want to get too full and sometimes, albeit not very often, there is an entry that – well – shouldn’t be entered. Judges aren’t allowed to – uh – transport the not-so-yummy taste from their tastebuds. So swallow we must and keep a poker face about it, too.

This year all the entries I tested were very tasty. I felt sorry for the IBCA Head Judge Dawn Mason and her crew. We were a demanding lot. Fresh forks for every bite and pickles, crackers and water to cleanse our palates kept them running for almost 8 hours.

Visting with my fellow judges and some of the teams competing made for a very enjoyable day.

The way I see it, I could never join the ranks of vegans and vegetarians. Barbequed or grilled meat – almost any kind – would make me a part-time vegetarian at best!

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