The Way I Saw It

The Way I See It



A fter enjoying almost 17 years of writing my weekly thoughts, promoting our communities, praising folks, honoring people, poking fun at myself and occasionally ranting, I am bidding you all goodbye. This week’s column will be my last.

After leaving the Pleasanton Express August 2018 to embark on my new career at Texas Press Association, Noel Wilkerson Holmes asked me to continue writing my column. I so appreciated her encouragement. Her parents Judy and Bill Wilkerson and the whole Wilkerson clan were always great supporters and their advice was always appreciated immensely, too.

It has been a great experience and I hope that I accomplished what I promised in my first column – to inform, educate and entertain (not necessarily all at once or in that order!) Over the years it has been a pleasure writing about the great events happening in our community, promoting and supporting many causes. I’ve shared stories involving my family – some funny, some sad and sometimes honoring family members and friends who have passed away. Every now and then I even shared weird facts, information and funny happenings in my life.

Have I always written a popular column? No. Have I always written an awardwinning one? Nope, though I have won several awards over the years in the editorial and humorous columns categories at our various newspaper contests.

What I tried to do in these 880 columns (+ or -) was to engage you all to think about whatever I was writing about that week. But the best thing was hearing from our readers. Your comments – both good and bad – made me become a better person and hopefully a better writer. If I had a nickel for each time someone asked me “how do you think of what to write in your column every week?”… I’d have about $3. But seriously – there is always something to write about. Even the most mundane occurrence could have a meaningful or comical moment to share. The way I see it, I thank you all for allowing me to come into your homes and work places – through print, digital and mobile devices. It has truly been an honor.

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at

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