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Atascosa County. The time is now to start really paying attention to what is happening in our community.

There is so much going on in every city and the county. I feel I can safely say that there is so much more good than bad happening.

Just look at this past weekend. We had two huge events that were open and affordable for the whole family, young and old, with Vintage in Verdi and Merry on Main.

What I would have given to have had these magical events growing up. I can only imagine the lasting memories that I would have made with my family. I found myself saying all weekend to my husband and sister, “Oh, how much would mom and dad have loved this!”

There were so many favorite moments at each. At VNV, just shopping and visiting with so many neighbors and friends. Being able to support some of my most favorite local businesses such as Darla Royal from Artrageous, and Audrey McCleary from Sunshine House Coffee. Finding a new awesome jeweler, Rebekah Allen, who is a local Jourdanton High School graduate, but has a story of a decade of service in China and Cambodia helping women caught in trafficking. Watch for a story on her and her company Le Serey soon in the Pleasanton Express. Go follow her now on Facebook and Instagram please.

At Merry on Main, I just loved it all. But highlights include the Merry on Main Talent Show – all of it – but especially the part where Fabian Castro, the 18 plus winner, sang Feliz Navidad and contestants and children ran up on the stage to join him. Please go watch the videos of the talent show on the Merry on Main or Pleasanton Express Facebook pages. The performances will bring joy to your heart. The talent here locally is real. The live production of the Christmas Story – the Reason for the Season was fantastic. Our very own Cade Andrews, reporter, was both Jesus and Chief Priest. I wanted to support him by attending but ended up with my jaw on the floor because he had real acting chops! Cade brought his family in from the Austin area to attend Merry on Main and they were just wowed by it all!

Ms. Tera’s Tap ‘N Toes dancers always make my heart leap with joy. I love all the ages and am amazed by the talent.

The mariachi band El Neuvo Estilo was a huge crowd pleaser. I was so extremely impressed especially when they sang one of my favorite of all songs “Suavecito” with the beautiful lyrics “Never met a girl like you in my life.” The lighted Christmas Parade was so incredibly amazing. Is it possible that there is a better Christmas parade in all of Texas? I think not! I got chills when talent show winner Fabian Castro sang with David Lee Garza. It was a joy and a delight to see all the thousands of people pour out into historic Main Street for the festivities.

So that is the good that is happening. Now, for the time is now. Folks, you need to start showing up for your Commissioners Court and city council meetings. Every week, the Pleasanton Express publishes the dates and times. They are also on all the county and city websites.

Tonight, as we go to press the brand-new city administrator of Poteet is on the Poteet City Council agenda for removal by the Mayor of Poteet. Why? The Pleasanton Express will be there to report on the story. But we do not have the influence that 100 people showing up for the meeting could have. Do you support this action? If not or if so, you need to be at that meeting. Just like you need to be at every city council, school board and Commissioners Court meeting. Our leaders need to know you are engaged, informed and ready to take action if they are not leading our city and county in the way that you feel is beneficial.

Huge elections are on the horizon. A new Atascosa County Judge and myriad other important offices such as Justice of the Peace and commissioners will be elected in November 2022. But the election process is starting now. The last day to file to be on the Atascosa County ballot for the 2022 Primary is Dec. 13. On Thursday, January 27, the Pleasanton Express will be hosting a candidate forum with Jessica Tom serving as moderator. The time is now! Mark your calendar and save the date. Get informed and get out the vote.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at

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