March 21 – March 28, 2014

Accident on West Oaklawn Dr.(9), Bensdale St. (2), Main
St., Pulliam St., Hwy 281, East Hwy 97 and Commerce St.
Accident involving pedestrian on Third St.
Assault on Jackson St. and Veteran’s Memorial Rd.
Assault by Contact on West Oaklawn Dr.
Burglary of a Building on West Oaklawn Dr. (2), Trade St.
and West Goodwin St.
Burglary of a Habitation on East Goodwin St.
Criminal Mischief on Second St. and Veteran’s
Memorial Rd.
Criminal Trespass on North Main St., Patrick St.
and West Goodwin St.
Dog Bite on Hwy 97 West
Driving While Intoxicated on Pulliam St. and Vista View St.
Fraud on Location not listed
Minor Accident on West Oaklawn Dr. and Second St.
Possible Shot Fired on Hollingsworth St.
Public Intoxication on West Oaklawn Dr. and Second St.
Reckless Driver on West Oaklawn Dr. (5), Bensdale St. (3)
and Meadow Lark St.
Solicitors on West Oaklawn Dr.
Stalled Vehicle on Main St.
Terroristic Threats on School Dr.
Theft on West Oaklawn Dr. (6), Colwell St.,
West Goodwin St.
Threat on Location not listed
Verbal Disturbance on West Oaklawn Dr.
Wrong Way Driver on Hwy 281

( ) indicates number of incidences on that street

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