The one who always cries

Rebecca Raves



I’m a sucker for happy endings. I also get super emotional for any reason: songs, movies/ tv shows, photos, nature, any little moment in life. So, you can imagine how many times I cried this past weekend when my very best friend, Kristian Sorenson, married the love of her life, Ryan Reierson.

I first met Kristian during our freshman year at the University of Mary- Hardin Baylor in 2013. We “officially” became best friends in January 2014 when we were both hungry and had no one to go eat dinner with at the “lovely” Hardy Hall. Thus began an everlasting friendship with lots of tears stemming from happiness, laughter, hysteria, sadness, grief, etc. I no longer consider her as a best friend, but as a sister.

Though she is the youngest in my extremely small group of friends, Kristian has always been the “mom” of us all. She has always been there with all the words of wisdom, encouragement and love a mom could offer during the good, the bad, the sad and the happy moments of life these past seven years. Anyone who has the privilege to meet and know Kristian at any point in their lifetime is extremely blessed. I’m a lucky girl to have a friend like her.



During rehearsal Friday night, I cried every single time she walked through those church doors. And when we were back at our hotel for the night, before, during and after our last “girls’ night in,” I cried. And of course … on the actual wedding day, I cried like a big baby, especially during our first look with her in her wedding dress. Thankfully, I held it together during the ceremony when she walked through those doors, or I would have been the world’s ugliest bridesmaid standing at the altar. (I did tear up but held those bad boys in!) I couldn’t be happier for my best friend. She deserves the very best in life.

Kristian is the most loving, sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet; she can also have some serious sass when you second guess or try to contradict her. Ryan compliments her in every way possible. He is funny, wise and sassy just like her. I pray that her and Ryan’s marriage is filled with many blessings of love, laughter, fun and yes … lots of babies.

More happy tears are to come in the future, but for now, I will just look back at the many pictures from this weekend with pure happiness for my sweet friend.

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