The Curse of the Cover



Eddie George – 2001
Daunte Culpepper – 2002
Marshall Faulk – 2003
Michael Vick – 2004
Rey Lewis – 2005
Donovan McNabb – 2006
Shaun Alexander – 2007
Vince Young – 2008
Brett Farve – 2009
Larry Fitzgerald  – 2010
Drew Brees – 2011
Peyton Hillis – 2012

I am going to start my NFL news blog about the "Madden Curse" since the NFL is in off season right now.

Since 2001 this curse of a game (Madden NFL) has been wreaking havoc on players around the NFL, starting with Eddie George to the current state of Peyton Hillis this past year. I am actually a fan of the NFL and the Madden video game as well and I think the facts do exist to prove the curse true. One of the most notable cover catastrophes is Shaun Alexander.

In 2006 he had a great season starting all 16 games and ending the season with 1,880 all purpose yards earning him MVP and his pic on the Madden Cover. Upon having his pic on the cover, the following season he sustained a foot injury, missing six starts and never returning to true form and basically ending his career. Another great example was Peyton Hillis this past year. In 2010 Peyton Hillis had a career season playing running back, starting all sixteen games racking up 1,170 all purpose yards. His popularity earned him a spot on the cover of Madden. Following that great season, he missed five games with a hamstring injury, one game due to strep throat and his numbers declined greatly. There is an opportunity for him to get back into the game, being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. Only time will tell. This list of players never really returned to true form for one reason or another leaving a wealth of evidence to make up your mind, I know my decision…

They are currently voting who will be on the 2013 cover. (Which is actually going to be the official 2012 NFL season). If you wish to vote here is the link to do so.

The 2012 Draft will be upon us soon, so I will be blogging about that in the coming weeks. There will also be some upcoming blogs on the free agency period.

Aaron Davidson grew up in Pleasanton. He attended the Art Institute of Technology graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. He is a fan of music, movies, video games, and a big fan of the NFL. As a kid he loved watching everyone from Montana to Rice making him into a San Francisco 49ers fan. Not to mention the 5 Lombardi Trophies the Niners have collected over the years.

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