The brilliance of blessings



Some weeks are better than others. The last seven days have been extraordinarily kind to me.

It all started on Monday when I was gifted with the privilege of eating lunch with one of my favorite former students. Our conversation was seasoned with deep insights, delightful topics and a few merry laughs.

On Tuesday, my mom delivered the jubilant news that she had just received the confirmation date for when she would become an American citizen. My mom is Canadian. Yet, she was born on July 4. Y’all, this was written in the stars. Woden’s day, or what we now call Wednesday, was doubly good. By the way, as a bit of fitting musical trivia, Rich Mullins once wrote an eloquent song called “Doubly Good” that speaks to the paramount importance of recognizing God’s blessings in our lives. So back to Wednesday, I received two shining messages from two of my readers who brightened my day with their sincere gratitude for this column I write weekly. Friends, you don’t know how much I needed to read those lifegiving words at those appointed times.

Thursday continued the theme of the double blessing. Earlier in the day, I received a devoutly compassionate message from a concerned reader and friend who had noticed the last piece I wrote about having a heartwrenching week. She generously encouraged me with her heartfelt sentiment. Then, after work, I checked the mail, and lo and behold, there was a package addressed from an extended family member. It was full of various written treasures that I will hold near and dear to my heart henceforth until eternity.

Believe it or not, Friday was triply good. It began with me joyfully receiving my much needed stimulus check. Hallelujah, I was beginning to think that the malevolent mail goblins had gobbled it up. That same day, my dad and I finally beheld the fruits of our labor. Our sentimental saga of clearing cactus and brush from a field concluded with our good friend fertilizing the grass with a cocktail of molasses and fish emulsion, just in time for the healing rains that lowered from the heavens later that night. On top of all of this, the adorable duo that is my nephew and niece made their way into town just in time to celebrate the beautiful beginning of our weekend.

On Saturday, I awoke to a wondrous sight. A fellow writer, with illustrious achievements of her own, posted a glowing recommendation for my “Prions and Twisted Perspectives” article. And on Sunday, I was presented with an exciting new job opportunity.

The week was abnormally good, and it was in the brilliance of those many successive and multicolored blessings that I was able to see clearly again. I could see how blessed I’ve always been … and how God has carried me every step of the way. So, count your blessings. Name them one by one. It’s in the counting that you will find clarity for your soul.

PAUL MICHAEL JONES is an artist who currently dabbles in music, photography and creative writing.

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