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In the first two weeks of May it has been National Teacher’s Appreciation Week, National Nurse’s Appreciation Week, National Police Appreciation Week, National Hospital Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day. And, next week is National EMS Week.

Seriously, folks. Those two weeks are not enough to adequately thank this humongous group of some of the hardest workers doing the toughest jobs and the most giving and caring people making career choices with not top pay all to help others. Talk about essentials. What would our world be without them? The year of 2020 was a tough one for all of these professions. I personally do not believe there is enough thanks that can be given to any of these professionals in our community.

If you did not have adequate time to thank this group of do-greaters in our community during their specified week, know that one week of the year is not the only time you can show your love and appreciation.

There is still time this week and the next and the next. Personal letters are always a great gift, especially handwritten ones. Send them, too, to their superiors. Those letters of love make a difference. Notes from kids are always great, too. Deliveries of food and goodie baskets are nice. But, the best way to show appreciation is to tell them when you see them. Thank them for their service. Thank them for going the extra mile. Thank them for risking their life. Thank them for helping your child to conquer challenges and succeed. Thank them for nursing you back to health. Thank them for showing up and saving a life. Simply, thank them for the work they do. It is appreciated. Atascosa County teachers, nurses, police, hospital workers and EMS, we see you in our community. We see the difference you make. Thank you for helping to make Atascosa County a greater place to live, love, work and play because of what you do. Happy National Week to all of you.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at

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