Terrorism expert speaks to local law enforcement

On Thursday, July 26th the Jourdanton Police Department hosted a law enforcement training seminar at the Jourdanton Community Center entitled, “Terrorism and the Texas Border: Protecting the Police who Protect Us.”

The keynote speaker was Professor Jeffrey Addicott.

Professor Jeffrey F. Addicott is a Distinguished Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio. An active duty Army officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps for twenty years, he retired in 2000 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. As an internationally recognized authority on national security law, terrorism law and human rights law, Professor Addicott not only lectures and participates in professional and academic organizations both in the United States and abroad, but he is also a frequent contributor to national and international news shows to include FOX News Channel and MSNBC. Professor Addicott is a prolific author, publishing over 20 books, articles, and monographs on a variety of legal topics and is a presenter at the FBI’s Senior Leadership Academy.

With 100 officers from around Texas in attendance, Professor Addicott shared the latest case law and techniques that terrorists are using to infiltrate the United States. As an expert in case law and an experienced courtroom litigator, Professor Addicott shared with officers what methods of protecting the public have been found to be legal via court cases in- volving illegal aliens caught in this nation with plans to commit terrorist acts. There are now numerous documented cases of individuals of Middle Eastern descent illegally entering the country through the porous U.S./ Mexican border with plans to commit violent acts, and American law enforcement is slowly learning how to deal with these situations.

The Jourdanton Police Department has hosted three successful, and sold out lecture series with nationally recognized speakers such as Spike TV’s Phil Chalmers and his “Why Teens Kill” seminar, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s “The Bulletproof Mind” and last week, Professor Jeffrey Addicott with “Terrorism and the Texas Border”.

Instead of our Police Officers, Deputy Sheriff’s and State Troopers going all over the state to train, Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser stated that his goal is to bring quality training to south Texas law enforcement officers here at home. “We have had an amazing response from agencies around the state who attended each of these training seminars here in Jourdanton and we will continue to host A-list speakers and experts to help sharpen our officer’s skills for the foreseeable future.” stated Chief Kaiser.

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