The London 2012 Olympic games start this week. I am infatuated with the Olympics. I count down the days. I even sing along with the theme song every time it’s played.

While I do enjoy the Winter Olympics even more so now that snowboarding is an event, Summer are my favorite. My chosen summer sports to watch are beach volleyball, gymnastics, weightlifting, track, swimming, diving, judo, basketball and volleyball. I know that’s a lot to keep up with and while I’m sure I won’t catch every splash, serve or basket I will try my best. I plan to add a couple more to the list this year like taekwondo and

I was watching when the 1992 Dream Team took the court with such brilliant players as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, David Robinson, Magic Johnson and so many others, in 1996 when Kerri Strug stuck the landing with only one good leg helping the US Women’s gymnastic team capture their first team gold ever and Michael Johnson appeared on the track as “The Man with the Golden Shoes” breaking records left and right becoming
the fastest man in the world.

I stood with my hands straight above my head yelling in the middle of the night in front of my couch watching gymnast Paul Hamm stick the landing claiming the gold in the Men’s All Around in Athens in 2004. (My husband still makes fun of me when I tell this story.)

I watched in 2008 as Michael Phelps swam his way to 8 gold medals in Beijing and Dara Torres became the oldest gold medalist swimmer ever in the US.

I got chills in 2004 when Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh continued their 90 game win streak by capturing the gold against Brazil in beach volleyball. Or even in 2008 when both the men’s and women’s beach team won the gold.

There are so many fantastic Olympic moments in history. And that’s exactly what the Olympics is. History.

It’s this great time when all of the best athletes come together to compete for their country. Everyone puts aside their personal conflicts or opinions and become fans of Team USA. I love when countries come together supporting each other and celebrate a job well done. It’s inspirational.

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