TEA releases 2019 A-F accountability ratings



The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released its 2019 state accountability ratings on Aug. 15, for approximately 1,200 school districts and charter schools. Districts and charters once again received A-F ratings.

The A-F accountability uses a variety of indicators such as graduation rates, college, career and military readiness, SAT/ ACT scores, and college prep course completion. The majority of a district’s rating is based on indicators other than the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test.

Statewide, hundreds of districts and schools improved their overall rating from 2018.

Overall, all school districts in Atascosa County receivedaBrating.In addition, each district saw an increased score from the year before. McMullen County ISD received an A rating and also saw an increased score.

Pleasanton ISD

Pleasanton ISD received an 85, compared to 78 in 2018. Breaking down the campuses, Pleasanton Primary School and Pleasanton Elementary School each received a score of 57. (It was indicated in the summary report that for the ratings, Pleasanton Primary campus is paired with Pleasanton Elementary School). Pleasanton Junior High received 63, while Pleasanton High School received 85. Pleasanton ISD School of Choice received 89.

Jourdanton ISD

Jourdanton ISD received a score of 86, an increase from last year’s score of 80. Jourdanton Elementary School received 69. Jourdanton Junior High School received 85 and Jourdanton High School also received 85.

Poteet ISD

Poteet ISD received an 86, up from a score of 78 in 2018. Poteet Elementary School received 69 and Poteet Intermediate Campus received 76. Poteet Junior High School received 71 and Poteet High School received 81.

Charlotte ISD

Charlotte ISD received an 87 this year, up from a score of 70 in 2018. Charlotte Elementary School received 66. Charlotte Middle School received 73 and Charlotte High School received 85.

McMullen County ISD

McMullen County ISD received a score of 97, an increase from 95 in 2018.

Distinction Designations

Distinction designations are awarded to campuses for outstanding performance in relation to 40 other similar campuses of similar type, size, grade span, and student demographics. A district or campus that receives an accountability rating of A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), or D (60-69) are eligible for a distinction designation.

For 2019, distinction designations are awarded in the following areas:

Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading (campus only)

Academic Achievement in Mathematics (campus only)

Academic Achievement in Science (campus only)

Academic Achievement in Social Studies (campus only)

Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth (campus only)

Top 25 Percent: Comparative Closing the Gaps (campus only)

Postsecondary Readiness (district and campus)

The following Distinction Designations earned by local campuses were:

Pleasanton High School: Comparative Academic Growth and Postsecondary Readiness.

Jourdanton Elementary: Science.

Jourdanton Junior High School: Math, Comparative Academic Growth, Postsecondary Readiness and Comparative

Closing the Gaps.

Jourdanton High School: Science.

Poteet High School: ELA/Reading.

Charlotte High School: Comparative Closing the Gaps.

The A-F system has remained consistent with last year’s system. As in 2018, districts, charters, and schools are given an overall rating based on performance in three areas:

Student Achievement shows how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year.

School Progress shows how students perform over time and how that growth compares to similar schools.

Closing the Gaps shows how well different groups of students within a school are performing.

For a closer look at the new ratings, TEA encourages parents, educators and community members to visit TXschools.gov to view district and school report cards.

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