Tamara Rodriguez FNP-C helping patients feel better inside and out

Tamara Rodriguez FNP-C and Gloria Ibarra EMILY MANN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Tamara Rodriguez FNP-C and Gloria Ibarra EMILY MANN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Tamara Rodriguez always knew she wanted to be a nurse and work in women’s health. In fact, she said, “When I was 13, I saw my youngest brother be born and then I just fell in love with OB and women’s health from that point.”

Tamara Rodriguez FNP-C is a local Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in women’s health and OB-GYN care. Her clinic, Rodriguez Health, brings options to women in Atascosa County that allow them the opportunity to see a female doctor for all their women’s health and wellness needs.

Rodriguez Health provides a wide variety of basic and specialized services such as medical visits that include lab and prescriptive services, women’s health services such as IV nutrition, medical weight loss and OB-GYN care. Rodriguez has also begun cosmetic services including Botox and fillers.

Rodriguez is an Atascosa County local and Jourdanton native. She completed her medical training at the University Health Science Center in San Antonio, graduated in 2014 and has since worked in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Women’s Health and Cosmetics.

Early in her career, Rodriguez worked under Dr. Scheel Nayar at Southwest General Hospital in San Antonio. Dr. Nayar serviced patients in Atascosa County for many years at the Atascosa Health Center; however, upon expiration of his contract, he formed a partnership with Rodriguez to continue to work with Atascosa County and provide women with OB and women wellness care.

Rodriguez stated that legally, in the state of Texas, nurse practitioners can have their own practice, but have to have a supervising physician who reviews charts. For the delivery of babies, Rodriguez turns to Dr. Nayar. For these patients, everything pregnancyrelated will be done in her local office except delivery. Rodriguez explained that the last month of pregnancy, patients will go see Dr. Nayar.

In addition to OB care, Rodriguez also does a variety of other women’s health services and treatments such as IV nutrition and medical weight loss.

Rodriguez pointed out, “I like to treat patients more holistically.” She further explained, “I’m able to order blood work, specialized blood work, to really get to [the] root causes of problems. A lot of my patients come to me after they have been on medication, after medication.”

Rodriguez helps patients that are tired of taking medication figure out what the problem really is and try to alleviate it.

With the IV therapy, patients will receive vitamin supplementation such as amino acids or high doses of vitamin C to just make patients feel better all around. This form of therapy is customizable to each patient based on their needs and deficiencies.

The medical weight loss treatments are done using lipotropic injections, HCG diet and prescription drugs. More information about this can be found on Rodriguez’s website at trfnp.com/medical-weight-loss.

Cosmetic services including Botox and fillers start with an initial free 30-minute consultation. Rodriguez explained, “People come to you [who] want to feel better, right? Not just on the inside, but now you can help them feel better on the outside.”

If you are looking for a doctor for basic women wellness services such as breast exams, annual pap smears, birth control, contraception management or just women’s health in general, Rodriguez Health can provide you with a welcoming and comfortable, female-managed practice.

For more information, to schedule an appointment or a free consultation visit Rodriguez Health, visit trfnp.com/. To reach the Rodriguez Health Clinic, call (830) 268-6426 or email rhll@icloud.com. Rodriguez Health is located at 107 N. Smith St. in Pleasanton.

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