Sweet cases for foster care children

A local Pleasanton community member with a big heart is working to bring joy to the lives of foster children in Atascosa County. Liz Tackitt recently partnered with Together We Rise to raise money to create “sweetcases” for foster children.

Together We Rise is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of motivated young adults and former foster youth. Our vision is to improve the lives of foster children in America, who often find themselves forgotten and neglected by the public. They collaborate with community partners to bring resources to foster youth and use service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system. 

Tackitt has begun a Facebook Fundraiser for TWR’s sweetcases, and plans to donate each sweetcase made to the local Child Protective Services office in Jourdanton. Each sweetcase is a duffel bag that costs about 25 dollars to make and will contain a variety of items such as coloring books, crayons, candy, stuffed animals, blankets and hygiene items.

“When the kids are taken from their homes or different foster homes, they give them like 15 minutes with a garbage bag to pack their stuff up. These kids already have low self-esteem as it is because of the situation they’re in…So, this is our way of trying to give them a little piece of happiness during a time that’s hectic,” said Tackitt.

Tackitt says she first took notice of the non-profit organization on social media and began following the great work they’ve done in other cities and states. To her knowledge, TWR has never reached a city in this area and it would be a first time for Atascosa County. 

“I come from a big family. The comfort of my own family is something I don’t take for granted. I love it,” said Tackitt. It makes me insanely sad to know kids out there don’t have that…So, I just wanted to be able to give some happines to the kids that don’t have that comfort in their life.”

Though the fundraiser has already exceeded its 500 dollar goal, your support and generosity is still needed. Whether you donate a dollar or 25, any amount is greatly appreciated. The fundraiser is set to run until the first week of November. Donations can be dropped off to Tackitt at Mane Attraction Salon on 820 W Goodwin St. in Pleasanton. You may also submit your donation online by visiting the link: 


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