In the minds of fans around the world, professional athletes are considered “Role models” and in my mind they should be held to that standard. Their daily lives are very public and they have many young fans that see a lot of their personal activities. Some of these athletes really need to consider it is not only affecting them, but what are they showing their fans, especially their younger ones. What are these athletes teaching our kids when they do these things.

Just recently Dez Bryant reportedly assaulted his own mother, and by what the report said it may not have been the first time. He was charged with a class A misdemeanor for the assault. Bryant turned himself in without incident. There are some that think Roger Goodell is being a little too harsh on suspending players for what they do. Recently with the issues of the New Orleans Saint’s Bounty Scandal, those players appealed their suspensions and some said those suspensions were too harsh. If you don’t want to be punished don’t do anything wrong, plain and simple.

Within this same week another player Marshawn Lynch who plays for the Seattle Seahawks was arrested for investigation of DUI. He has not officially been charged yet. In 2007 Chris Henry was suspended 8 games for being arrested 5 times, in that same year Adam “Packman” Jones was suspended an entire season for felony charges. Of course we all know about the Michael Vick story and his 23 month sentence for the dog fighting scandal. Another is Plaxico Burress who was arrested in 2008 with felony charges for possession of a weapon in the second degree. Burress possessed a firearm in a bar and actually shot himself in the thigh.

Some have put Roger Goodell in the hot seat for being a little harsh with the suspensions. I actually applaud him for standing up and punishing these role models for what they do wrong and the negative things they do in the public eye. Since Goodell has taken over as NFL Commissioner arrests have dipped 20%. I think he is just getting the point across.

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