Student exchange program seeks host families



Audra Locke, Area Representative for ASSE International Student Exchange Programs, is looking for families interested in hosting an exchange student.

A breakdown of the database shows there are 63 students that are hoping for a home (in Texas or Louisiana) this year. Of those, 37 are girls and 26 are boys, 24 are Catholic, nine are Buddhist and four are Christian. Four enjoy scouting, 18 enjoy cooking, 30 enjoy music, two enjoy cars and many enjoy a variety of sports and animals. If you can help out with one of these students, please let Audra know by calling 830-570-0187.

Host family requirements and information

•Most students are here for the school year, but some are semester students.

•They live with one’s family for the entire time.

•They do not have to have their own room. Sharing is allowed with a host sibling of the same sex and within four years of age.

•The students are age 15-18.

•They all speak English to varying degrees, most quite well.

•They have health insurance.

•They pay for their phones, clothes, entertainment, etc. Host families provide three meals a day, transportation to and from school and school activities and a bed of their own.

•Single people can host, but double hosting is preferred and must be of the same sex as the host parent.

•Empty-nesters make great host parents.

•Families with small children make great host families.

•Families with teens and tweens make great host families.

•Finding a suitable student for your family is fun and easy. For every type of family, there is a student out there dreaming of coming to the States.

•Don’t think your family is too busy, too boring, too crazy to host. There are students that come from the same type of families. If your life isn’t too crazy for your kids, it’s not too crazy for these kids.

•Most importantly, treat the students as your own child and they will become your child.

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