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The Way I See It



Today is my brother’s 64th birthday. He would be quite irritated at me for writing about him but I feel I must. You see, last year at this time he almost died. An infection took over his body and ER doctors at one S.A. hospital didn’t see the real reason for his pain.

The next ER had a cadre of people who cared about him while he was being admitted as well as his kids, wife and a stubborn sister – me. Prescriptives that were sent home by the first ER visit coupled with unmonitored dosage almost dug a grave for him.

The second ER thought he was a drug abuser at first. I’m pleased to report that while my sibling has quite a colored past, he has been clean for many years. We had to explain that he wasn’t looking for a quick fix to his back pain. If he said he was hurting, there was a reason.

Luckily, his ER nurse listened to us and knew exactly how to handle my hard-headed brother … threatening that if he didn’t do as they said, that he’d never return to work again in a job he has done for just about all of his life … and one that he loves – the oilfield.

The team of doctors that treated him over the twoplus weeks of his hospital stay were the best.

We don’t get too mushy with each other and while we never agree politically, I do love him and am quite thankful that he has made it one more year on this earth with us.

The way I see it, stubborness runs rampant in my family – sometimes it’s a gift and sometimes it’s a curse. But being an advocate for a loved one? I’ll take it any time!

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