Stronger Together



This has been a week filled with tragedy for our law enforcement brothers and sisters, with numerous officers being killed around the nation…including the cold blooded murder of a Harris County Deputy who was merely filling his patrol car with fuel when he was gunned down.

The rhetoric, that has been steadily turned up by those who would have you believe that police officers kill indiscriminately, has fueled a mob mentality in some parts of America.

Those flames being fanned by lots of passion but few facts.

The reality is that tens of thousands of Texans leave their families behind each day to serve total strangers, and while they do not always do things as perfectly as some would like, the overwhelming majority put service before self and do not hesitate to put themselves between the public and the danger that is ever present in our society.

Even with that having been said, the fact of the matter is police are relatively ineffective without the support and assistance of the public we serve. Without you calling in tips, bearing witness to events you see, and providing keys pieces of evidence to those who investigate crimes, we would be hamstrung, and would limp along with vastly reduced effectiveness.

Our relationship with you, the public is symbiotic. Each one supporting the other with a mutual goal…a peaceful and safe city.

That is why we felt it to be a great time to introduce “#Stronger Together” in some of our social media posts in the coming weeks. To serve as a reminder to the world that a positive relationship with local law enforcement benefits everyone.

Thank you Jourdanton for those things you do to help make our piece of Texas a great place to live, work and raise a family.

We look forward to standing beside you to keep it that way!

Until next time,

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