STRMC Opens Urgent Care

Ready to meet your urgent care needs are: Debora Garza (receptionist), Dr. William Collier and Barbara Aguilar (radiology).

Ready to meet your urgent care needs are: Debora Garza (receptionist), Dr. William Collier and Barbara Aguilar (radiology).

South Texas Regional Medical Center Urgent Care is now open for business in Pleasanton, offering convenient, local, quality care.

The center treats patients with minor emergencies and a variety of illnesses, conditions and other non-life threatening situations. The center offers treatment and services for the following:


•Sprains and strains
•Lacerations (cuts)
•Abrasions (scrapes)
•Colds •Influenza
•Other viral illnesses
•Bronchitis •Asthma
•Ear, nose, throat Infection
•Nausea •Vomiting
•Urinary tract infection

Dr. William E. Collier serves as STRMC Urgent Care’s Medical Director. A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Collier graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He interned at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas. Dr. Collier completed his residency training in Family Medicine at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola and was also a U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon. He has been in emergency medicine for the last 25 years and has been medical director at four different ER hospital urgent care center. In this center we have both lab and X-ray capabilities, which is important.”

The physicians, stated Dr. Collier, are trained, boardcertified, offering a depth of knowledge and quality care, based in the latest research and standards.

STRMC Urgent Care is open Monday-Friday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Resendez explained that the hospital had been looking at establishing an urgent care alternative for quite some time. They were hoping to have had a service up and running in the fall, in anticipation of the winter season. However, for a variety our patients, but when you have a motor-vehicle accident or a patient who is in a cardiac situation, with 10 people waiting to be seen who have cold or flu symptoms, it presents a challenge in terms of prioritization,” said Resendez.

From a service standpoint, STRMC Urgent Care Center creates that alternative.

“The other key part that we recognize, is that we needed to create an alternative in regard to cost. Without an alternative, you are dealing with the cost in an emergency room setting. So our real motivation was to create alternatives, both in regard to service and cost,” said Resendez.

STRMC engaged the medical group that they work with in the emergency room, Schumacher Group, to staff the urgent care center as well. So they have got a great deal of continuity between the emergency room and the urgent care center.

If someone has a true emergency, whether it is chest pain or a head injury or anything significant like that, patients are reminded that the emergency room is the most appropriate place to go. Other similar emergency situations include pregnancy complications, breathing difficulty, head/neck trauma, severe abdominal pain, loss of consciousness, severe allergic reactions and numbness in the face, arm or legs. If someone visits the urgent care center with such conditions, they will be transferred to the hospital for more appropriate care.

The urgent care center allows, for example, flu patients to come and be seen, and be treated quickly and then discharged.

Resendez also noted that STRMC is looking at a permanent location for an urgent care center and they are exploring those options. It is their commitment to move forward with that and he anticipates they will do so by summer.

“Ultimately, our goal is not to just have an urgent care center, but more of a diagnostic center, where we would have urgent care center, occupational medicine services, as well as outpatient imaging services. It is in the same vain in trying to create a less costly, more service based alternative,” said Resendez.

All ages, from pediatrics to adults are welcome at STRMC Urgent Care Center.

The STRMC Urgent Care facility is located at 1240 W. Oaklawn, Suite 121

The STRMC Urgent Care facility is located at 1240 W. Oaklawn, Suite 121

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