Starbucks slated for Pleasanton spring 2021



The City of Pleasanton has approved a permit from a Houstonbased real estate development company for a newlyconstructed retail project leased to Starbucks Corporation. Construction for the Pleasanton location is slated for just after the second quarter of 2021. Once a firm commitment was obtained with the developer and Starbucks, the developer who has local ties in Pleasanton, began outreach via the city’s business and economic development consulting firm, EMC Strategy Group, LLC.

“We are very excited about Starbucks’ interest in the City of Pleasanton and I applaud the developer for working with our city staff, city attorney and consultants to move this project forward; it’s been a team effort,” says Mayor Travis Hall.

“With the addition of Starbucks to the community comes an increase in tax revenues; expanded employment opportunities for area residents; and brand cachet to help attract other similar retailers,” said Janice Gonzales, Owner/ Founder EMC Strategy. “Starbucks offers competitive wages, college tuition assistance for its full- and part-time employees and comprehensive benefits packages that is one of the best in its industry.

Starbucks is an internationally recognized coffee company with over 30,000 locations in 70 countries. For more information, please contact or call 210-960-4340, ext. 101.

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