Special delivery courtesy of Cookies For A Cop

Erika Vela | Pleasanton Express
Cookies For A Cop delivered treat bags to the Pleasanton and Jourdanton Police Departments on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Pictured from left to right are Jourdanton PD Chief Eric Kaiser, Jeannette Garza, Officer Mari Magana, Officer Timothy Sawicki, Officer Michael Gilbert and Theresa Donais of Cookies For A Cop.


Erika Vela

Special Assignments Editor

The Pleasanton and Jourdanton Police Departments received special, sweet deliveries courtesy of Cookies For A Cop, on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Cookies For A Cop is a nationwide organization dedicated to showing appreciation and support to police officers and firefighters.

“Cookies for a Cop was founded December 4th, 2014 as a way to tell our law enforcement officers that we appreciate them, value them, and want to lift their spirits,” according to their website www.cookiesforacop.com.

The highly organized annual event is bringing together approved leaders from across the U.S. to deliver cookies to their local departments, dispatch centers, detention centers and firehouses. Theresa Donais and Wenona Wray of San Antonio, stopped by to deliver bags filled with cookies to local police officers. This year she estimated over 4,500 cookies will be delivered throughout this week to police departments in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Jourdanton PD’s K-9, Jax, also received a bag filled with toys and treats.

“We just want to let you guys know we appreciate what you do and we got your back,” said Donais.

The chiefs and officers thanked Donais and Cookies For A Cop for their generous gifts and support.


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