Southern Smiles welcomes Medicaid

Southern Smiles opened in Poteet to serve the people in South Texas in March of 2012. Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Janse chose the city of Poteet to provide dental services to the underserved children that have Medicaid. As with most rural areas in Texas, most dentists in Poteet and the surrounding cities do not accept Medicaid into their practice, as they do not feel it is worth their time– but Southern Smiles does not feel that way– we welcome Medicaid!

In April of 2012, the entire Medicaid system in Texas was abolished and was recreated under a completely new format. With the new format, you must be registered with a Medicaid provider. In other words, in the past anyone with Medicaid could go to any office that accepted Medicaid. Not any longer.

Starting August 31, 2012, you must go to the office that you have chosen, or you will be assigned to an office.

We at Southern Smiles highly encourage all patients with Medicaid to visit our Poteet office or the Southwest Military Drive office in San Antonio, so that you may sign up to be a patient of record, and therefore choosing your dental home, instead of being assigned to one.

If you have already been assigned an office and would like to change to Southern Smiles, we would be glad to help you with that switch. We are an office that you can return to for your cleanings, check-ups, fillings, sealants and all other dental needs.

Southern Smiles provides a full range of services including braces, crowns, implants, sedation dentistry and wisdom teeth removal. Along with welcoming Medicaid patients, we also accept CHIPS, most other insurances, as well as private pay patients.

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