South Texas Medical Plaza is open for business

Jim Resendez

Jim Resendez

In keeping with its mission of providing quality healthcare in a patient-centered environment, South Texas Regional Medical Center in Jourdanton has completed the construction of its 50,000 square ft. South Texas Medical Plaza.

Tuesday, Sept. 3, marked the first day of business to see patients at all specialty clinics, as well as the rehab and wound care departments.

“It is all on campus and built on time and under budget,” said STRMC CEO Jim Resendez.

Patients being seen at any one of the clinics will be greeted at the centralized registration. Then they will be sent to the appropriate clinic. This saves time, offers a convenience factor for patients and avoids duplication of paperwork.

Located nearby is a community room to be used for continuing education classes for nurses and other hospital meetings. The room will also be available nights and weekends for interested groups and organizations in the community.

Across from the community room is office space for clinic administration including practice manager Wayne Cadena.

“This new building allows patients to conveniently access a diverse array of medical specialties under one roof,” said Cadena.

Also located on the first floor, the wound care department uses advanced technology to treat patients with wounds that are difficult to heal. Many of these patients often have diabetes, renal disease or other illnesses. Some wounds can be treated by physicians, while others require hyperbaric chamber therapy. The center has been modernized and features bigger chambers that even have TVs inside for patients.

“We have just about doubled the size,” said STRMC Wound Care Center Director Christy Foster. “All three of our chambers are larger than what we had before. They are all brand new and everything has been upgraded.”

The stretcher entrance can accommodate wound care patients coming in from nursing homes.

Next to wound care is South Texas Regional Rehabilitation Center. Its department provides occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy and houses lots of new equipment.

Speech Therapy Director Lacy Fisher said that the large windows provide an inviting, warm welcome. Ninety-five percent of the patients seen in speech therapy are children.

The spacious rehab gym offers more convenience for therapists to fill out their paperwork. There is also more privacy available and areas with curtains should patients need to disrobe.

Before, Pediatric Therapy was very limited as far as equipment. This is not so with the new Pediatric Therapy. STRMC talked to area schools about utilizing the room more. Patients that can be treated here include those with Down Syndrome, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, slow motor skills, etc .

There is also plenty of shell space to accommodate future growth for such areas as urology, dermatology, visiting specialists, etc.

Atascosa Surgical Associates is housed on the second floor. It features a surgical room, primary station, offices and exam rooms.

The Orthopaedics Group, Pulmonology and South Texas Heart Clinic are also located on the second floor. It will also be the future home of South Texas Women’s Care.

Orthopaedic patients (and other patients) no longer have to schedule another appointment at the main hospital to have X-rays done. Instead, they can have them done on site at the brand new X-ray machine. This makes it more accessible.

The primary care clinic, Lone Star Medicine will see between 40-50 patients in a given day. Dr. Michael Kurz is the Primary Care Doctor at Lone Star Medicine.

STRMC Marketing Director Will Brown added that Lone Star Medicine is the cornerstone tenant of the plaza. He also emphasized the importance of having a primary care physician.

“Dr. Kurz can manage your healthcare for life, as opposed to just what is bothering you that day,” said Brown. However, he did clarify that there are situations sometimes that require a trip to the emergency room or to urgent care.

South Texas Medical Plaza has two entry ports, one for the general population and another for physicians, which requires key card access. There is also designated parking space for Senior Circle members and the Mommy and Baby Program.

At STRMC, quality-care is most important. For two years, STRMC has been awarded the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures by the Joint Commission. Its patient satisfaction numbers exceed that of San Antonio.

“About 18 months ago,” said Brown, “Jim Resendez had a vision. He wanted STRMC to offer more convenience and make this center the hub of activity. He wanted shell space for future needs and expansion. He wanted all specialties located here. We have done just that.”

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