Sommelier on a budget

I attended a wine tasting last week as a guest of Pleasanton Rotarian Sarah Evans for their fifth Thursday fellowship mixer. It was held at Lew’s Patio and Grill and the wine I tasted was great. I even found a pinot noir that I actually liked – I’m not much of a fan for red wine, so this was a pleasant surprise for me.

While I was tasting and the sommelier was explaining the attributes of each wine, it reminded me of a funny situation I experienced about two years ago.

I had just taken photos of a fire department and was headed over to the Evanses. I needed a bottle of wine to take, so instead of going back into town, I stopped at a dollar type store. (Please don’t judge.)

While picking out my modest bottle of pinot grigio a young man approached me wearing work clothes. He asked if I could help him pick out a wine for his girlfriend.

I asked what type she generally drank and all he could remember was that it was pink.

There was no blush nor white zinfindel so I suggested a moscato, since the pinkish wines are usually a bit sweeter than most. He thanked me and chose the one I suggested.

Driving to my friends I started thinking that was first time I was ever asked about wine and definitely at that store!

I then thought that if I was a sommelier, just how would I have described these wines at a dollar type store?

“The moscato will pair nicely with the Ding Dongs or Twinkies. But, if you like the buttery flavor of chardonnay, it would go nicely with CheezIts or Goldfish.

“If you are looking for a bolder, red wine – I would suggest the merlot. It would go well with Slim Jims or the beef jerky.”

The way I see it,  all kidding aside, tasting, visiting and learning about something new is a win-win situation. And being helpful to a guy wanting to please his girlfriend was a bonus. I hoped she liked the moscato!

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