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Recently I wrote two articles on the election, my editor, chided me for sounding more Rush than Roy. She was right, I was responding to many things at once. So here is an election rant. First, rest assured I am an independent, not a party hack, and a patriot. Just so you know, for me loyalty goes from state to country not country to state. I’m a Texan first and dang proud of my state, and American second.

First, it does not matter which party is in power, what matters to me is corruption, and both parties are guilty. Corruption comes in many forms and levels. From minor to major, and from obvious to subtle. Is there a problem? Yes, than fix it. No squabbling, castigating, and denial. Formulate a plan, debate the plan, modify as needed, and implement. We elected you to represent us, not to act like two year olds.

Which brings us to rant number two? Where are the best and brightest? Why are they not running for office? Why are the main candidates weak and flawed? What is the reason that the adults will not run for office? Do so many good people avoid politics because of our current crop of “leaders”? Go back and reread the article on leadership, and then compare to what we have now.

Third, as a veteran, I believe in and cherish my brothers in arms. Even more importantly I value the sacredness of life. So when people die needlessly I’m diminished, and need answers on why they were sacrificed. Not denials, not stories, not misdirection, but honest answers, let the cards fall as they might. I can forgive an honest mistake, I can understand a bad decision made in the heat of the moment, as a human I can forgive and understand. What is unconscionable are the lies, cover ups, denial, misdirection and all the hand maidens of corruption. We are not perfect, none of us are that is why we understand and forgive mistakes and failures.

Fourth, the self delusional fools who make bold and grand declarations about elections and mandates. Fiftyone to forty-nine is not a mandate, it is barely a win. When the incumbent receives about five million fewer votes than last time, and the challenger gets about three million fewer votes than the previous candidate something is wrong. Roughly eight million voters felt disenfranchised by the current parties. That means about eight million fewer voters cast a ballot this election. Add in the number who are registered, but didn’t vote, and others who are qualified but not even registered and the failure of both parties becomes self-evident. Do not claim a nonexistent mandate where one does not exist. Garner sixty plus percent of the vote and then claim a mandate.

Fifth, the lack of civility in elections and in governing, are corrupting society. To disagree does not mean you are either a racist and/or prejudiced. Where is there room for debate in this current society? The fact that someone has a different perspective does not make them racist. The fact that they disagree does not equal prejudice. Not searching for common ground and building from there is the problem.

Grow up people, there are many real and trying problems to face, to overcome, to solve, and this politically correct, petulant, unreasoning attitude will not solve anything. There are multiple sides to every problem. There are also multiple solutions to each problem. So there must be open, honest discussions that can lead to understanding and compromise. When this happens then we will be able to solve our problems, and understand and cherish each other.

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