I get tired of the political theatre that dominates our society. Problems, problems, problems and solutions seem impossible to find. So are there any possible solutions. Yes! Then why are they not implemented. Why can’t open honest solutions be looked at, evaluated, and implemented. So what is the first problem that we should look at? Well I live in South Texas, not next to the Mexico/Texas border, but close enough that my first inclination is to tackle immigration.

To start with we need to realize this is a nation of immigrants. Even the Native Americans journeyed over the Pacific, walked across the Bering land bridge, or sailed Viking Long boats through the North Atlantic. All humans in the Americas are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. So let us welcome all new arrivals in a reasonable and fair way. All the major entry points to the U.S. should have an immigration center. Not a small office but a large YMCA type building. There should be rooms for the immigrants to stay in, doctors and dentists to evaluate them, and staff to interview them. I hear the squawking already who will pay for this. Taxpayers initially but a fee for each immigrant and a fee and penalty on illegal immigrants. These fees can be paid out over time or at time of entry. These fees could even be paid and the interviews conducted overseas at our embassies. The amount and time allowed would be determined by congress and approved by the president.

The immigration interviews and evaluations can be stored in federal and local state data bases. This ID card would have a picture ID, a tax payer number, finger print, and DNA data on each new arrival, or current illegal immigrant who takes advantage of this program. The path to citizenship can be explained in pamphlets written in the immigrants’ native language as well as the immigrant’s rights and responsibilities.

The immigrants could even be sorted into groups – workers, learners, and future citizens. If fully and fairly implemented, this could force employers to pay workers the same across the board. If all immigrants are issued IDs, employers who hire undocumented workers can be fined and the fines applied to the immigration program. Also a program like this can be explained and broadcast to the world where hopefully coyotes will at best be forced out of work or at least their activities curtailed.

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