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Enough! I get it! No one wants to replace our current tax system with a fair, impartial, and simpler system. No don’t replace a broken system, leave an unfair and unconstitutional bureaucracy in place, and allow the politicians continue to manipulate your life. So be it. Then we need to fix the current system. What are the steps that can be taken to correct this system?

Step one, there needs to be a single tax rate. None of this, this rate for this income groups, that rate for the higher bracket, and still another rate for a lower income group. So a single rate for all. Even though a personal income tax is in my opinion immoral, why compound the problem by having a prejudicial and punitive system.

Step two; remove all deductions and exemptions from the current tax code. Every exemption in the tax code has been made under the claim that this will make the system fairer. Sorry this is an unacceptable excuse to allow special interests to garner advantages over others. If any deductions or exemptions are to be established then they should apply to all the people, not just a select few. One such exemption could be prescribed medicines. Another possibility could be basic foods, not sodas, not junk, not alcohol, not caffeine, but fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, bread, cereals, and meat.

Step three; look at the total worth, not just the income of a person when deciding the tax bill. Honestly if you earn 100,000 a year but have assets of 10,000,000 why should your tax bill be based on the yearly income. Shouldn’t a fair system look at the total amount a person has? How much property is owned? How much is in investments? What is the yearly income? Are there off shore accounts holding/hiding money? Of course this means that a panel needs to be formed to decide upon a fair and adequate tax rate. This rate would need to be set in such a way that politicians cannot just increase it on demand. This would mean the rate must be constitutionally set.

Step four; the IRS needs to be changed into an accounting agency and an accounting agency only. If questions arise then law enforcement needs to take over. Investigations should not be in the hands of the ones calling for it, can you say Salem Witch Trials, or does the phrase Kangaroo Court ring a bell? Investigations belong to law enforcement agencies, not an accounting group. After the investigation is complete then turn the results over to a prosecuting attorney or the attorney general, if warranted. Then they may decide whether or not to proceed in a court of law.

So in closing what would be the signs of a fair tax system? This would be a tax system that would apply to everyone and every entity. Yes, every entity, because businesses need to be taxed to. This would require a single uniform tax rate. That any exemptions or deductions allowed must be applicable to all. The system must look at the total worth, of the person or business, not just the yearly income. Reform the IRS and make it an accounting/collecting system, not an investigative one. So yes, the system can be made fair, the question is will it?

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