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More talk, more posturing, more politics but no discussion on how to fix the economy. Yet not to worry the president is going to give it his focus, for the umpteenth time. Just this last month our country had a deficit of over ninetyeight billion dollars. This means the national debt will be increased by a little over a trillion dollars in a year. Unemployment is at about 7.6 percent; well at least it is under 8 percent. Still all things considered this is far below the four to five percent America generally enjoys. I still hear our politicians claiming that our growth will balance the budget and lower the current unemployment levels. Oops the growth rate for this country is a tremendous one point eight percent. Not even the rate of inflation. So, stagnant wages, a sluggish economy, and now an expensive health care overhaul, please do not hold your breath waiting on a full recovery. So the question is what can be done to fire the economy up, restore growth, and put people back to work?

First repeal the Affordable Care Act. The president has admitted that the program is flawed by excusing or delaying implementation of its requirements on business. Congress is busy carving out exemptions so that they do not have to join in it. Oh and do not forget the congressional staffers will receive federal support for up to seventy-five percent of their ACA costs, and yes the labor unions are agitating for a break too. In fact the only group not being excused, delayed, or supplemented is the regular person. Businesses are not bringing on new full time jobs and cutting some other jobs. Why so they can create part-time jobs that will not require insurance.

Second the federal government needs to end their unbridled printing of money. Some may remember the pain of inflation and how it threatened the economy and now they are ratcheting up inflationary pressures. Enter quantative easing which artificially props up the stock market and means the inevitable correction will be worse than it needed to be. Also over the desk of governmental is the burden of overregulation. Control for controls sake, whether needed or not, is not allowing the economy to grow. Now regulation is needed to guarantee a fair playing field, to protect the safety of people, and the safety of the environment. This means when needed not when unproven assertions and scare tactics are used to restrict and control opportunities.

Third and still on government’s back balance the budget! No country, state, county, city, business, or person can survive a constant negative cash flow. This means if our politicians cannot manage to agree then start another round of sequestration cuts, not reduction in the rate of growth of spending, but actual cuts in spending. Along with this fix the tax system. A flat tax with a minimum of exemptions would be the easiest and fairest way to solve this problem.

So to grow the economy is not that difficult after all. Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, balance the budget, get rid of over regulation, and create a fair tax system. Two last caveats here. One, change welfare back to a workfare/trainingfare program, and yes this would also include unemployment programs. Two, fix the education system; all children need to learn the basics, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Just as an aside here as a teacher I have seen our kids’ hand writing so please include penmanship here. This means that both printed and cursive writing needs to be taught and mastered, not everyone can write like a doctor. Junior high and high school need to offer both advanced academic classes as well as vocational ones. These would be electives not required, leave this to those who go on to college. So yes the economy can be brought back to normal we just need leaders, not politicians. So until next week may you have fair winds and a following sea.

ROY POKLADNIK, is a teacher and problem solver welcomes comments and suggestions for topics . He may be reached at :

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