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This week’s planned topic is being preempted by an unknown coward or cowards. The Boston Marathon as well as Patriot’s day was ruined by at least two explosions. Currently reports number the dead between 2 and 12, the numbered injured unknown, and who can guess how many are in shock. At this moment there are no confirmed suspect/ suspects, and apparently no group has claimed responsibility. Why did this happen? What was the root of this attack? Well it is way too early to tell. Two separate explosions, maybe three, two other devices found and neutralized equals terror. Now this attack was either foreign or domestic. I’m hoping foreign, if so then for security sake we must look to our borders. Border security is a separate issue from immigration. This may not be true for all but to me it is. Immigration policy should be one of an open door type, and those who are here illegally should be fined and welcomed into our country. For more details please check the past article on immigration. Two parts to this problem exist. One how to secure our borders and two what freedoms or rights do we give up for security. What are or is the solution to American security?

Let’s start with the second part first, what freedoms and rights do we give up. None, zero, zip, nada, these are precious and irreplaceable, they make us, us. To paraphrase someone, those who give up freedom for security will soon have neither. Once you start limiting rights where will it stop? Please get a history book and read about pre-WW2 Germany, or look at the results of the Arab spring as it spirals into a jihadist summer. TSA does not have the right to grope and abuse people. Do all the TSA agents do this? No. Is this violation of people official policy? No. Yet there are some who do abuse the office, they need to be identified and tried in court, and dealt with.

Now onto the first part how to secure our borders. Step one; there must be a well trained professional force to process travelers. These people must expect to be routinely and unexpectedly monitored, and evaluated. Step two; the Coast Guard needs to be expanded and modernized, deploying new vessels and technology to defend our coasts. Step three; build a series of posts off our coasts to house radar and sonar facilities to monitor the seas. These need to be small, armed, and use cutting edge technology to do their job. Step four; the employment of drones, balloons, sensor systems, and patrolling to secure our land borders. Step five; the use of national technology means, and covert agencies to monitor, infiltrate, and report on groups that are inimical to us. This does not mean build border fences; it means to have a physical presence in the area. Yes that means more border agents; yes it means there must be cooperation between the different agencies. Step six; the reasonable, logical, and planned use of foreign aid to encourage acceptable actions and rhetoric. Finally step seven; engage, encourage, and support moderate voices around the world. For example the prophet Mohammed himself wrote about how both Christians and Jews deserve respect and special treatment because they are people of the book. Why isn’t this type of public discussion and education being used?

Now what if this attack was home grown? All the above still stands plus we must discover if the attack was political or a random act of insanity. If it was insanity like the recent shootings, and stabbings, and any other instances fall under the subject/subject of mental health issues, which takes us back to the need of national health care reform. No this does not mean unaffordable health care mystery act, but a well reasoned logical, and fair system. Well until next week may you have fair winds and a following sea.

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