Solution to vote ID law

I have been hearing a lot about how our Texas voter ID law disenfranchised a significant portion of the minority electorate. According to the 5th court, a possible solution to the problem would be to allow voter registration cards be allowed as one of the forms of ID. There is a slight problem with that. There is no picture on the registration cards. I have come up with a solution to the problem that will not cost the voter one penny to vote. Allow the cards to be used as a form of ID, but slightly alter them to include a space for the voter to place his or hers thumb print on it at the time it is presented at the polling place. Now it would cost the government a little money to set up a data base to compare the prints after the election to make sure no one voted more than once. The data base is to be scrubbed after the election and the prints use for no other purpose than to check for voter fraud.

Gerald Friesenhahn

San Antonio

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