Social media: Good, bad and ugly

The Way I See It



It’s a double edged sword this social media craze. In the matter of seconds you can spread the word to virtually millions if your post is so inclined.

In the local front, it can surely reach hundreds in a nanosecond.

In the newspaper world, it is another tool to inform and remind our readers of our print and online versions of the Pleasanton Express with news updates or functions happening in our community.

When there is a late-breaking news item, it is there to help inform and sometimes dispel rumors.

Comments we receive on Facebook can help provide more information. But there are times where the comments that are shared may not have the full story or be accurate. When we receive information from our law enforcement or emergency personnel, we will share it with our readers.

Our law enforcement’s hands are tied many times and names are unable to be released due to proper identification or if family members have not been contacted if a death has occurred. After the shootings in Pleasanton last Wednesday a comment was made to the effect of “what has happened to our town” and eluded the influx of oil field workers as the culprits.

Atascosa County Attorney Lucinda Vickers commented on Facebook, “I have been here since 1985 and it isn’t any worse now that it was then. I have been involved in the local criminal justice system that entire time. The real issue is that with the internet and social media we all know about it and know about it much sooner. Before the internet and social, a lot of people just didn’t know this stuff was going on unless they heard about it or it was “bad” enough to be on the news or in the paper.”

I totally agree with Vickers. The people who have been involved in the past few bouts of crimes (shootings especially) are not only from Pleasanton and/or the county, they are second or third generation residents.

The way I see it, while we want to get you the news as fast as we are able, we want it to be accurate and hope that our readers- both online and print are understanding.

SUE BROWN is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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