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Snow news is good news

Sue Brown


For the first time since 1985, Pleasanton received snow on Thursday evening, December 7. Some areas had over an inch while others got just a dusting. Though it snowed during Christmas south of here in 2004, the storm in 1985 received over 16 inches in some areas.

One thing was certain, children were allowed to stay up past their bedtime to experience the fun. And it was a good thing they did. Most of it was gone the next morning. In fact, local schools had normal start time on Friday morning since the roads were clear and safe.

Emilie Rutherford, 4 -year-old daughter of John and Staci Rutherford catches snowflakes on her tongue during the unexpected snowfall last Thursday. Our Facebook page received more than 300 photos after a call-out to submit. You can see some of them on the front page of our Living Section on page 8A.

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