Small gesture

Letter to the Editor

My wife and I recently met for lunch at our favorite diner, Cafe Chris. We ate our meal after talking to seemingly everyone in town who also felt the need to eat lunch there. Visiting with Erica, Mary and Leslie, (yes, they had our drinks ready when we walked in), we felt so much at home in our little town. As we got to the counter to pay, I joked and we all laughed, like usual. Then Mary told us that there was no charge for our lunch and condolences for the loss of my brother, David.

I know it was only a patty melt and salad combo, but at that moment, I felt more loved than ever. We thanked them and departed to our separate vehicles. I sat there and teared up, not only for what I’ve lost, but for what I’ve gained. I also thought about what I’m thankful for and what our small businesses mean to our community. They are the heartbeat of a thriving small town. They have weathered the storm of COVID-19 by adapting and making themselves better, and so will we. Thank you, Mary, for a small gesture that will forever mean more than you can imagine.

To quote David, “We are all a team and must continue to work together until this crisis is over.”

Rusty Prasifka

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