Small businesses thrive, too

I read with interest the article on the front page of this week’s paper by Leon Zabava entitled “Pleasanton continues to rapidly grow.” In the article, City Manager Bruce Pearson is quoted as saying, “We see that development as something that will be very key. We do not have anything like that in the city right now that can provide shopping opportunities for our citizens. They must drive to the San Antonio area to do that kind of shopping.” The small business owners of Pleasanton might want to argue that point. As the owner of The Good Health Store, which has been in business in Pleasanton for over 16 years, I am insulted that Mr. Pearson, who has visited my store, would imply that the citizens of Pleasanton have to go to San Antonio to buy quality nutritional supplements. And the statements about Bush’s Chicken and its owner ignore the fact that Golden Chick has been a Pleasanton staple for more years than I can count. Katelyn Bartosh has continued to run the fine restaurant her father established, and she and her husband support our community faithfully. I think I speak for all the small business owners of Pleasanton when I say that we want our community to thrive. However, if the City does not support the small business owners, and instead promotes the chains and corporations who are moving into town, our town will no longer have that small town feel. We will become just another big city type atmosphere. I would like to see the City of Pleasanton get to know your small town, family owned businesses and support the “Little Guy.” I speak for all the small business owners in Pleasanton when I say, “We want and need your support!” Please, shop locally and support the small business owners!

Susan Phillips


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