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Thomas Busby

According to the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, a high speed pursuit of a U-Haul truck by officers with the Pleasanton Police Department late last Tuesday night spawned a six-day investigation by the ACSO Criminal Investigation Division that left a CID investigator injured. The pursuit ended on the Old Campbellton Road north of FM 536 where the occupants bailed out and fled on foot.

On Wednesday morning, a theft of a Polaris Ranger was reported to the Sheriff’s Office in the 8700 block of Old Campbellton Road. A short time later a 2018 Ram work truck equipped with a crane valued at $84,000 and tools valued at $48,000, was reported stolen in the 8100 block of Old Campbellton Road. It was seen heading into Bexar County by witnesses. Sergeant Deputy Paul Schneider and Deputy C.J. Zoeller responded to the scene to investigate. The Polaris Ranger was recovered at the property where the truck was taken from.

Sergeant Investigator Stephen Wilson and Lieutenant Investigator Max Peralta began an investigation and quickly discovered evidence in the U-Haul truck that led them to focus on a San Antonio residence. The investigators worked throughout the day and developed a suspect.

On Thursday evening, Lt. Peralta and Sgt. Wilson tracked the suspect down at a residence in northeast San Antonio. After being questioned by investigators, the suspect admitted to stealing the Ram work truck and stashed it nearby.

On Friday, sheriff’s investigators obtained a warrant for Thomas Busby, 33, for alleged Theft over $30,000, a 3rd degree felony.

Monday morning, Lt. Peralta and Sgt. Wilson contacted the San Antonio Police Department Repeat Offenders Unit and arranged to meet with them near the suspects residence. While waiting, Lt. Peralta and Sgt. Wilson observed the suspect exit the residence and get on a bicycle. The investigators confronted Busby who tried to flee on the bike and was grabbed by Sgt. Wilson. During the ensuing scuffle, a two-pronged split-blade spear, mounted to the suspects bicycle, punctured Sgt. Wilson’s upper thigh causing gaping wounds.

The suspect was handcuffed and while Lt. Peralta was attempting to stop the bleeding, the suspect attempted to flee on foot and had to be chased down and taken back into custody as SAPD Officers arrived on the location. Sgt. Wilson was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center and was treated and received 12 stitches. He was released Monday night and is doing fine.

Busby was taken to the Bexar County Jail and booked on alleged Evading Arrest charges. He will be transferred back to Atascosa County on the alleged Theft charge at a later time.

The 2018 Ram work truck and a pistol that was in the truck when stolen has been recovered. The investigation into the remainder of the stolen property is still under investigation.

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