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There have been quite a few scouts that just walked a way with a few feathers that scouting really impacted their lives and several scouts that have soared away earning the Eagle Rank.  Earning the Eagle Rank is the ultimate goal but many times what the scout does learn regardless of earning the full spread of Eagle Feathers carries him throughout his life impacting him forever. 

What is the worth of a single feather….and what a single feather can mean…to a young man in the scouting world. My youngest son had crossed over into the troop and I decided to cross with him, with the attitude at that time that most women didn’t have a place in Boy Scouts because it was a man’s world.  Well, I was welcomed with open arms by most of the adults in the Troop.  Shortly after we crossed over into the troop, the pack had school night for scouting.  The scoutmaster & I attended to represent the troop.  We picked up a couple of the older boys for the Troop that were siblings of boys that were going to be Cub Scouts.  A couple of days after the School Night for Scouting, I received a call from the Cub Master, asking me how I would feel taking on another Webelo den for two years. Parents for whatever reason, (work related, single parents, etc) couldn’t take the den and there wasn’t enough room to fill them into other dens. I agreed to take on the den which had six or seven boys in it, feeling like they deserved the right to the scouting experience as well as every other boy that attended that night.  I had already worked with a Webelo Den, I had a lot of things in place for supplies, activities and other items. 

During this time, a young man wanted to join and he would be coming in as a Webelo.  The Cubmaster called and asked if I would take this young man in my den, he had a learning disability and I said yes. During the time that I had this young man, I didn’t know how much of the scouting knowledge he would learn with his disability..but I was willing to work with him in all that I could.  In the course of time, we were working on First Aid and doing a couple of simple training exercises. The young scout participated as much as he could.  A couple of weeks into the First Aid Training, a story reached me about my young scouter and how he saved a life. It really blew me away to think that simple things that I had went over and over with him that he really took to it and was able to grab deep down inside of himself, know what to do in an emergency and save someones life.  It goes to show that no matter what you are teaching some one in life and what kind of impact that will have on that person’s life that they do walk away with something from it regardless of what you think that person has learned.   He never went on to earn much in the scouting world but the things he did learn carried him for life. This was the turning point for me in the scouting world, to be able to give a young man something he can grab onto from deep down and hang onto…to realize that no matter how much you wonder how much they have learned from what you have taught them, they DO WALK AWAY with knowledge but sometimes doesn’t always show up until they have to tap into their resources from within…So what is the worth of a single feather….and what a single feather can mean…to a young man in the scouting world,  you decide….a life..???

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