Sheriff Soward presents inmate housing review at Commissioners Court Aug. 26

During a recent Atascosa Couny Commissioners’ Court meeting, Sheriff David Soward gave a presentation regarding Out of County Inmate Housing.

“This is a quarterly report to commissioner’s court,” said Sheriff Soward. “Although it’s been two months plus one day, we’ve been housing a limited number of inmates out of Comal County. But in two months and one day, we have taken in $35,378.”

Sheriff Soward presented a check to Atascosa County Treasurer Laura Pawelek, from Comal County from inmates housed in July. Sheriff Soward said when they get fully online, he anticipates anywhere from $50,000- $60,000 a month.

Sheriff Soward said, “Our local inmates will always take priority when it comes to bed space. But as long we have the extra space, I plan on housing inmates from neighboring counties which will generate a considerable amount of money for Atascosa County.”

The following information was reported in Sheriff Soward’s July 10 “It’s the Law” column:

The new addition to the jail, adding 112 more beds, was completed a couple of months ago.

The project has moved into the renovation stage in the east wing of the jail (built in 1982) and into parts of the Sheriff’s Office.

As result of this, the communications center will move to a temporary location within the building real soon as contractors work in the existing dispatch center and adjacent room where the new, much larger communications center will be built. This will make room for the increase from two dispatchers per shift to three, in order to better serve the public, our deputies, our law enforcement partners and Fire and EMS.

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