Sheriff issues warning for trailer thefts

AtascosaCo. Cities CountyThis Periodhas seen a significant spike in trailerCharlottethefts $within31,512.98the lastJourdantonfew month$ 93,060.92and law enforcementLytle $agencies71,774.68 are issuingPleasantona warning$485,054.74to trailer ownersPoteet to beware.$ 30,616.58Sheriff David Soward said that his deputiesCounty Totalhave712,019.90experienced threeJune rebatetimesallocationsas manyincludetrailertaxes theftsby businessesjust infilingthemonthlylast fourreports. months. The sheriff said thatStatisticsthe trailersupplied theftsby Comptrollerare Comparable Pmnt. Percent 2015 Payments alsoPriorupYearin theChangecities as To well. Investigators from

42,009.90the sheriff’s-24.98%office have208,224.04

93,237.76assisted Pleasanton,-0.18% Poteet510,411.36

98,823.45and Jourdanton-27.37% police465,345.66

508,674.40departments-4.64%in looking3,837,543.07for

29,702.44and recovering3.07%stolen 174,313.99trailers. The sheriff said that

772,447.95the most popular-7.82% trailers5,195,838.12 collectedbeing onstolenApril salesare andthereportedsingleto and dual axle flatbed utility trailers, from 10’ to

Public16’ Accounts,long. SheriffState of TexasSoward

2014 Payments Percent Datestated hisToinvestigatorsDate Change recently recovered two stolen267,932.39trailers and-22.28%are currently 595,685.52working with-14.31%local police470,230.21investigators-1.03%on other3,707,362.23active cases. 3.51%

We 172,598.82recommend that0.99% trailers not be left in locations 5,213,809.17that allow thieves-0.34% MayIf possible trailer hitches should have locking devices on them and chaining and locking them to a fixed object is also recommended, the sheriff said. Most of all, be sure you know the VIN on your trailer and where it’s located. If it does not have a VIN, owners should engrave their driver’s license number on the tongue of the trailer as well as on the frame underneath. It’s always better to have the trailer in a lighted area if possible, you want to make it as hard on the thief as possible, the sheriff concluded.

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